Complete productline for effectively combatting graffitti


Used for

  • Prevention
  • Cleaning
  • Impregnating and coating


Used by

  • Buildings- facade and renovations comanies
  • Public institutions



Preserving building materials and vulnerable surfaces from unwanted graffiti and moisture. Ready to use and easy to apply.

The diffusion capabilities ensures that materials can breathe and secures easy maintenance of a graffit-free area. Reduces the use of chemicals as well as costs and time consumption during the cleaning process.



The Graff-it-off series consists of a wide variety of biological degradeable and work environment-friendly products.

Using this program, users can effectively combat all types of graffit. From recently applied spray paint to the more tougher layers of old and hardened graffit.

From in-doors to out-doors jobs´to all surfaces including absorbant concrete and slick surfaces including acrylic plastic and plexiglass.