Many corporations, offices, building projects, and institutions have never cleaned out their ventilation systems. The result in these cases are dirty vents, which in a worst case scenario can the exact opposite effect of what it is intended for.

When acquiring af ventilation system, many companies have invested hefty sums. This is not just a one-time expense it is most definitely some that must be controlled and maintained. This particular area is unfortunately often neglected simply because people never give it a second thought.


A badly functioning ventilation system creates a poor working climate in such ways as:

  • It increases the risk of allergies, headaches, fatigue and more.
  • It create a large quantity of dust and carbon dioxide in the air.
  • It causes damages to goods and equipment.
  • A high level of humidity creates breathing grounds for mold and fungal.
  • It increases the temperature of working enviroments

A well working ventilation system on the other hand will:

  • Create a better working climate
  • Make the system more effect as well as ensuring your workers’ security and well being.
  • Prolong the systems lifespan
  • Cut down on operating costs